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Here you find some private dimensions, personal opinions in specific matters and perhaps just a little fun of authors, who write at or have some relation to us.
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An open project ... we think, that Tarot History will expand from our work and perhaps it will attract other authors with other aims and insights ... perhaps they will contradict us and have a completely other opinion, as we had. And perhaps they will have much better informations and perhaps the better ideas in specific matters. So ... if you work has some quality and eagerness, and you feel tempted to say something in the focused questions, here is the place. Please take contact

Ross Gregory Caldwell
Ross wrote a few things to iconography - beside and before all his contributions to

England, Canada, U.S., France
We're a Team and we research(ed) ...

The Advance of the Falcon ...

... and don't forget the Fish
... the Riddles of Tarot ...

Mari Hoshizaki
Mari has a specific favour for Ferrara ... but her roots are in Japan and the U.S.
Alain Bougearel
Alain opens a French section at

There are still some other languages that we need .. :-)
Huck Meyer

"the oldest Fool"
Andrea Vitali
Andrea wrote rather early a few iconographical articles, in the time, when he started to organize Tarot exhibitions in Italy. Naturally he wrote in Italian , but we got the first translation in English.
As the name shows, an author.

Immigrated Rhinelander

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