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Document 04

With this Sagramoro appears again after a pause of 8 years in 1450 as painter of Trionfi cards. It becomes a maior occupation to him for the next 6 years. The interests for Imperatori-decks in Ferrara died around this time, they are not produced after 1452 (as far we know). Perhaps they were similar to Trionfi cards (but with less special cards) and the motifs "merged" in the Trionfi deck.
Compare our chapter about the Imperatori cards and the gathered documents to this form of deck in Ferrara and other places.

1450 [16 March – payment to Iacomo de Sagramoro]

Maistro Iachomo dito Sagramoro depintore de havere adi XVI marzo per fatura e spexa de depinzere a tute sue spexe para trea de charte da trionfi, zoθ per depinzere para doa de fuora via le coperte de verde dito azuro de lavori fati nigri a olio, e para uno fate de braxilio charestato tute de fuora via del dito braxilio taiate de schachiti fati de negro e a olio. Domanda el dito Maistro Iachomo lire 1, soldi 10 de marchesani per paro, e Galeoto gie tassa lire 1 de marchesani per paro …………………………………… L. III.

[Franceschini 1993 n. 647 d. (p. 342) ; cf. Ortalli 1996b: 185]

Preliminary translation
(by Ross Gregory Caldwell)

Maestro Jacomo called Sagramoro, painter, having the 16th day of March for the making and expense of painting, at his expense, three packs of triumph cards, painting the backs of two packs of green called azure… black with oil, and the back of one pack of brazil… of that called brazilwood, checkered in black with oil. Requesting the said Master Jacomo 1 lire, 10 soldi marchesane per pack, and Galeoto taking tax 1 lire marchesane per pack…………………………………. L. III.