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The peace of Lodi is signed at the 9th of April 1454. The changement in the political conditions might have raised the interests in card-playing in Ferrara, a lot of mercenaries could now "peaceful" develop their hobbies. In Ferrara we perceive an increasement of playing card production. A similar card production fever takes place in Ferrara in 1516, after the French had conquered Milano for a second time (Ferrara was allied with the French forces). click to enlarge

1454 [note of 13 April, payment to Iacomo Sagramoro]:

… A Maistro Iacomo Sagramoro depintore adi XIII de aprile libre cinque marchesane per dui soi mandati, zioč uno per sua fatica de havere depinto de fori uno paro de carte da triumffi, le qualle have Piedro de Schiveto per uso del prefacto nostro Signore, e per soa fatica de havere depinto una capsa cum le arme del prefato Signore, la qualle have Maistro Nicolo da le balestre per tenere le vere quando el Signore tra de balestre, como al "Zornale AA" de ussita, a c. 30 … L. V.

[Franceschini 1993 n. 726e (p. 410)]

Preliminary translation
(by Ross Gregory Caldwell)

To Maestro Jacomo Sagramoro, painter, 13th day of April, five lire marchesane for two of his orders, that is to say one for his trouble in having painted the backs of one pack of triumph cards, which Piedro de Schiveto had for the use of the aforesaid our Lord, and for his trouble of having painted one box with the arms of the said Lord, which Maestro Nicolo had from the crossbows to hold the "vere" (arrows ?) when the Lord shot the crossbows, as in the "Journal AA" of ussita, at c. 30 ... L. V.