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Document 13

This document refers to document 12 and the 32 Lira payment to Zohane or Giovanni di Lazzore. For unknown reason (living costs etc. ?) some money isn't paid.

1454 [6 September – payment to Giovanni di Lazzaro (= Zohane / Giovanni Cagnolo)]

Zohane de Lazaro dipintore de avere lire 21, soldi 2 per resto de lo ammontare de para 4 de carte da trionfi lui ha fate a lire 8 per paro, fano lire 32, de le quale ne abate lire 8 per le spexe de bocha auto dala corte in mixi 2 e di 20, in ragione de lire 3 per mexe, e se abate lire 2, soldi 18 per colori lui à (a)vuti per fare dite carte, che in tuto fano lire 10, soldi 18, che se abate de lire 32, resta lire 21, soldi 2…
[Franceschini 1993 App. 31o (p. 849); Ortalli 1996a:163-169, esp. 164-165 and notes 6, 7 and 8.]

Preliminary translation
(by Ross Gregory Caldwell)

Giovanni de Lazzaro, painter, having 21 lire, 2 soldi in money for the amount of 4 packs of triumph cards he had made at 8 lire per pack, resulting in 32 lire, of which was subtracted 8 lire for (his living expenses?) in the court during 2 months and 20 days, at the rate of 3 lire per month, and subtracting 2 lire, 18 soldi for his colours for making said cards, which in all equals 10 lire, 18 soldi, which subtracted from 32 lire, leaves 21 lire, 2 soldi…