"Cary Yale Tarocchi"

The pictures of the Cary-Yale Tarocchi (in colour and black/white and in different formats) are receivable at the Beinecke Library (type "Visconti" in the search mask), also you can visit some of them at the links below (colour only; links do occasionally not work, then you've to visit the Beinecke link).

The production date of the deck is discussed with different arguments (we've collected some articles to this question), in the debate the years 1428, 1441 and 1468 are considered, with some security the commissioner of the deck is either Filippo Maria Visconti (reigned as duke of Milano 1412 - 1447) or Galeazzo Maria Visconti (reigned in Milano 1466 - 1476). As painter Bonifacio Bembo or somebody near to him are suggested.