Master of the Bandalore
- (Lower Rhine 1462 - 1500)

Last time, when I visited a distant library, I found in a huge dictionary about early graphical art some playing cards, which I didn't know from other sources. I took some copies, but did forget to take the name of the source. Next time, when I come there, I'll take the reference.

The source is very short about the artist, but offers a huge lot of his productions. Playing cards play only a minor role in his work. "The Master of the Banderoles lived in the east of the Netherlands between Zwolle and Bocholt ca. 1462 - 1500." That's all.

A series of 8 cups cards 2 - 9 (so it is a further example of production of Italian suits in upper Germany/Netherland). The funny "small men" appear at all cards. Each card measures 10x6.8 cm.
3 further cards are given in the dictionary, noted are some more as known. Interestingly each of the noted cards (12 totally) has different measures, so one has to conclude, that the Master of the Banderole at least produced 13 different types of decks.
In the other engravings of the Master of the Bandelore are some more productions which might be "not-identified" playing cards or relate to playing card productions.

(Huck Meyer)

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