Christie's auction house card
Visconti/Sforza Queen of Coins

The auction house Christie in Paris offered for 17th March 2005 a single Tarot card without informations to its origin, generally dating it to 15th century (168 x 83 mm). The estimated selling price was said to be 25,000 to 35,000 Euros.
Later addition: We've heard, that the price ended with 280.000 Euro (?).

Identification by

It's rather obvious by iconographical comparition and by the size of the cards, that this card belongs to the Warsaw cards (Kaplan, Encyclopedia of Tarot I, p. 108/109). Michael Dummett gives as the size of these cards (169 x 83) with a minimal difference to the Christie card.

Post scriptum: We were informed by Thierry Depaulis, that also the single card from Ferrara (a Chariot) belongs (probably) to the same group and deck (compare the article).