"Single Card from Ferrara"

- also called Issy-sur-Moulineaux Chariot


estimated ca. 1450, painter might be Sagramoro or Gherardo Vicenza

see "Name Trionfi in context to playing cards"

Thierry Depaulis expressed recently in a short article in a game magazine ("Le tarot démystifié" in "Tangente jeux", no. 9, Juin-Juillet-Août 2004 pp. 34-37 p. 35 fig. 2.) the opinion, that the card is part of the same pack as the two cards in the Warsaw museum (information from Ross Caldwell, the Warsaw museum cards are shown in Kaplan Encyclopedia I, p. 109). The note reads - "Fig 2. Le Chariot (copyright) Coll. Musée français de la Carte à jouer, Issy-les-Moulineaux. Discovered in 1988, this atout belongs to a scattered tarot of which we know two other cards in the National museum of Warsaw. This deck was painted in Ferrara around 1455."

The reasons for the dating is unclear to us. I see the card near to the Chariot card shown on one of the sheets in the Metropolitan Museum Museum of Art (shown Kaplan I, p. 125) - see picture to the right (probably this opinion is already expressed by somebody else, but I haven't heard of it).

It should be remarked, that very early paintings of the chariot (Cary-Yale, Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo Tarocchi, Bartsch Visconti-Sforza, this card) show females on the chariot, perhaps due to the condition, that at triumphal events the ladies prefered to ride on a chariot and men prefered horses. From Francesco Sforza in March 1450 it is recorded, that he avoided the offered triumphal chariot. Later the chariot presented almost a male triumphator.

A "new" old Trionfi card appeared 2005 at an auction of Christie, which also seems to belong to the same deck as this card and the two others from the Warsaw Museum.