Rosenwald Sheet

A sheet, which survived twice: Once at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (with partly wrong written numbers), and a second time in Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum Leinfelden (with correct numbers - unluckily not known to us).
The orientation at the print seems to suggest, that the designer wished to realise this row of the trumps (The Fool is missing: "(!)" marks the differences to the Marseille row:

The exchange Angel with World seem to have been common in Bologna, also the feature, that Devil was followed by Death and the nearness of the 3 cardinal virtues Strength - Justice - Temperance. The position of Wheel and Chariot is uncommon, but may be concluded as a spciality in context to Florentine decks (a 10 on a chariot appears at one of the Ursino cards).

The row needs further internal discussion.