Rothschild collection sheet /
and another six card sheet from Bibliotheque d'Ercole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (Bolognese pattern)

Six trump cards on a woodcut sheet of the Rothschild collection and six cards from the Bibliotheque might belong to the same type of deck. A typical motif of Mercury on the card World (Beaux-Arts) and as Charioteer (Rothschild) reappears still in the 18th/19th century Tarocchini Bolognese (compare Vitali/Zanetti: Il Tarocchinino di Bologna, 2005). Both sheets are dated late 15th - early 16th century.

The Chariot in the Rothschild collection displays the heraldic sign of a French Lille. This might indicate a specific relation between France and Bologna at the time of production.

Kaplan Tarot Encyclopedia I, p. 128/129

Rothchild sheet

Beaux-Arts sheet