created 2003 - 2005       

Researches to the socalled Mantegna Tarocchi

The series of the motifs of the Mantegna Tarocchi started probably with a discussion about the iconography of the 9 Muses in the 40ies of the 15th century at the court of Ferrara.

We try to collect earlier ideas and interpretations of the Mantegna Tarocchi. Of course the current collection is incomplete and in development.
We think, that Arthur M. Hind established an error in his research in the year 1938.

We counter "Hind's error" with an alternative explanation of the origin of the socalled Mantegna Tarocchi. We call our explanation the "Lazzarelli Hypothesis".

Of course - these texts have only a provisionally state. Our research is still running.
Mercury, Mantegna-Tarocchi