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Actual Tarot News


we're on a way to reform our Tarot News concept, the new system isn't completely installed yet, but will grow in very short time. In future various independant "reporters" of Tarot News will get a chance to present their News at this place here, immediately after they've published it.
This is technical done by "iframes"-boxes. The reporters have their own sites, on which they publish selfresponsible, and have given us the allowance to display their results here.

As you see at the number of boxes, the project is at a start, and there are not many reporters. If you're interested to cooperate in a similar manner, please contact

tarocchi7 "at"
please exchange "at" with @

Tarot News has its focus on the development of Tarot history, but is also interested to report about important modern events, deck publication and new literature to Tarot history.

Huck Meyer on his way to the legendary Südbahnhof to meet some mongols, which imported some new playing cards, meanwhile preparing the next triumphal carnival procession and trumpeting the newest novelties of