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After our early experiments (see at the right side) to install a Tarot News system we start another, now with an own domain for the news For the moment it has only a single major article ...

Tarot at youtube

... though splitted in many small articles with the option to view Tarot scenes in Tarot movies, sometimes only small snippets, occasionally longer. If you wish to see or read this collection, you probably have hours or days to watch. We present this in a new form, from which we assume, that our readers might enjoy it, in the "Don't click too much" way. Well, we guess, you'll understand it sooner or later. Just click the link, if you wish to know more.

Some short News,
especially about us and our old friends and cooperators

OLD Tarot News - Editions is interested to be informed about new developments. If you've a news to spread, we like to hear about it.
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