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First appearances of the word Trionfi in relation to playing-cards (1441 - 1465)

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Oldest Tarot Cards
The Milanese Duke Filippo Maria Visconti commissioned before 1425 a manuscript and a playing card deck from Marziano da Tortona and Michelino da Besozzo. Jacopo Antonio Marcello got book and deck in 1449 and called it a new kind of Ludus Triumphorum.
Filippo Maria Visconti loved card playing and commissioned a few unusual decks


Bianca Maria Visconti could be called Lady Tarot, like her father she was involved in various Tarot activities
It is probable, that the first Trionfi-decks started with a 5x14-structure, the 14 trumps were considered as a 5th suit.
In 1423 Parisina, the young signora of Ferrara, imported from Florence "VIII Imperatori"-cards. It's unclear, which sort of cards it really had been, but it might be a predevelopment to the later Tarot cards.
Parisina had a cruel death cause her love to Ugo, son of her husband
The great riddle, how 14 Trionfi cards became 22 Tarot cards
Ferrara 1441
At the 1.1.1441 the painter Sagramoro got some money for "14 figure" for the guest in Ferrara, Bianca Maria Visconti. One year later appears the first use of the word Trionfi in relation to playing cards.
Leonello d'Este made Ferrara to a cultural center of early 15th century. Here the idea to the Tarot took it's start
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