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John McLeod's collection of Tarot-Rules (and many other games) all around the world.

WOPC - Simon Wintle
Many aspects of Playing Cards

Andy Pollett
A report about early Playing Card development.
Old Rules
The rules of 1637 are the oldest Tarot Rules, that we know. But it's also interesting to watch out for other ways to play with cards.
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Hans-Joachim Alscher's Document Collection
About Playing Trionfi in 15th Century
All that we know about Trionfi Playing in that time - which is not much.

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Players meet in the web or elsewhere and discuss history or rules or other stuff.
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This page is about "Tarot as a game", a complex and great world outside of the nowadays very popular divinatory aspect, which is the result of a later development since the end of 18th century. We do not know much about "Trionfi as game" in 15th century, also not much about Tarot as game in 16th century. The first known Tarot rules are from 1637, but we know, that there are many different ways to play the game.

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Movie Part 1: Tarot history
Movie Part 2a: Introduction for Tarot playing
Deck from 18th century
Books in Review
The ultimative book about Tarot and its rules by Michael Dummett and John McLeod.
Many others from the IPSC and more others.
Tarocchi: Introducing the Card Games for Tarot by Philebus (also at
Playing Online (mostly French server)
You can play Tarot online at various places.
Webtarot / English
Klio - Mantegna-Tarocchi
Watching Pictures
Our Tarot Museum, a massive collection of Playing Cards and Tarot Cards all around the web. Tarot iconography with articles from Andrea Vitali.
Answers to various questions about playing cards.
Tarot FAQ
Articles to early playing card development
Father Time, Mitelli-deck
20th century deck
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