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Document 17

In this entry Gerardo de Andrea da Vicenza is paid for colors, which were used by Petrecino, page of the Lord, to produce small Trionfi cards. Likely the entry is related to the visit of the 13-years-old Galeazzo Maria Sforza, who just in the current moment is as a honoured guest in Ferrara (compare document 16).
The activity reminds that, what happened at the 1.1.1441, 16 years before. Then Bianca Maria, Galeazzo Maria's mother, was the honoured guest in Ferrara and pictures of 14 figure were produced for a party at night (likely experimental playing cards; (compare document 16)). For this entry it seems, that now in August 1457 young Galeazzo Maria and the painting page Petrecino had some creative hous, which were filled with the production of a very personal playing card deck.

Petrecino, so it is known, later entered a cloister.

1457 [2 August – payment to Gerardo di Andrea da Vicenza for the costs of colours for Petrecino]

Maestro Girardo de Andrea da Vizenza dipinturo per los costo de tanti coluri li quali hano adoperato Petrecino pagio de lo Signore in avere dipinto uno paio de cartexele da trionfi per lo Signore ; domanda lire 3, et Galioto li tasa lire 1, soldi 10 ; se ne abate soldi 3, resta…………………………………L. 1. 7.

[Franceschini 1993 n. 823s (p. 486) ; cf. Ortalli 1996b:189 and note 70]

Preliminary translation
(by Ross Gregory Caldwell)

Maestro Gerardo di Andrea da Vicenza, painter, for the costs of such colours which Petrecino, page of the Lord, had used in having painted one pack of small triumph cards for the Lord; asking 3 lire, and Galeotto the tax 1 lire, 10 soldi; subtracting 3 soldi, leaving …….. L. 1. 7.