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The following is only a rough consideration, which facts of 15th century do touch the question, how the game "Trionfi" was played during this time. The article will find later some progress, in the moment there is no time for it.

1. We've rudimentary rules for the Michelino deck inside the manuscript of Martiano da Tortona. This is from ca. 1425 or little earlier.
2. We've the phenomen, that certain early documents about Trionfi-cards seem to accompany Trionfi-events.
This might be true for the documents of the Martiano-manuscript (ca. 1425), "14 figure" (1441, perhaps a prognosted deck for a marriage Leonello-Bianca Maria Visconti), possibly the Cary-Yale-Tarocchi (marriage Sforza - Bianca Maria Visconti), the document 01 (1442; Leonello is new Signore in Ferrara), the document 04 (a Ferrara-Leonello production, which runs parallel in time to a Trionfo of Francesco Sforza in Milano in March 1450), document 06 (Borso is new signore in Ferrara and perhaps commissioned these decks in relation to a personal trionfo).
This means, that nearly all early documents seem to relate to those sort of events and with that to the character of the possibly related game, which indicates "show" and not really "play". Something, which seems to have changed at least in 1456, when Trotti signals, that "Trionfi" are a good game.
3. An observation, which I did and whose importance was not accepted by John McLeod in private discussion: I think, that some of the later rules seem to show a tendency to be based on the number 70 (according to 70 cards in the early game).
4. A speciality inside the suits-system, about which I've written the article The Card Playing wheel .
5. "The first pleasure came from the distribution of the cards, made by the one who has the better: every one read the verses in his cards and show’em to the companions. And sometimes the tercets are so appropriate that the friends laugh heartily." This decription is from Viti's commentary to the Boiardo deck. Here the poetical game seems to have had some dominance.
6. The name Trionfi is once changed in Taraux and Tarocchi (the first use of these words is known from 1505). A game called "trumps" or similar lives in various languages since then in concurrence to Tarot (Taraux and Tarocchi) - this difference seems to be given at least with Rabelais 1534).


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