Rene II., Duke of Lorraine (1451 - 1508)

1496: Rene II, grand-son of the more famous Rene I d'Anjou and Isabella da Lorraine (who got the parcel of Marcello) by their daughter Yolande (1428 - 1484), a later duke of Lorraine, played with "triumphe" cards according to his account book from 1495/96. "Au Roy, le 29 avril pour jouer audit triumphe a Vezelise deux francs. Encore audit seigneur roy le 1 Mai pour jouer audit triumphe a Vezelise deux florins d'or."

It seems, that this is the first note of the "triumphe game" in France. It's astonishing and perhaps part of a personal family story around the Michelino deck, that the related person is the grand-son of just this Isabella de Lorraine, who got the parcel of Marcello. However, the date is short after 1494, that means after the invasion of the French king Charles VIII. in Italy, when French soldiers surely became acquainted with the game.

genealogy I

genealogy II

genealogy III

Reignment in Lorraine

House of Anjou-Lorraine

René I of Anjou (1431-1453) - (gave with the death of his wife Isabella the title to Jean II)

Jean II, son of the previous (1453-1470)

Nicolas, son of the previous (1470-1473)

Yolande, daughter of René of Anjou (1473), widow of Ferry II, Count of Vaudémont

House of Lorraine-Vaudémont

René II Count of Vaudémont, son of the previous (1473-1508)

(Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, invaded Lorraine in 1475. With the help of the king of France René II opposed Charles the Bold who died near Nancy in 1477)

Antoine, son of the previous (1508-1544)

Francis I, son of the previous (1544-1545)

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heraldic Rene II.
Shield of Rene II

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