Boiardo Tarocchi Poem

Analyzes of Group - (1/2) Sardanapallus - Hyppolita (Lazyness - Effort)

Trump Pair 01
male / negative

L'ocio Sardanapallo occisoso in piume
Tenne, e in lascive concubine e gola,
Tanto che del regnar perse il costume.

Lazyness kept Sardanapalus idle between feathers,
Lustful concubines and banquet,
For so long that he lost the habit of reigning.
female / positive

Fatica fece Hyppolita, che sola
De le amazone merito corona:
E in Scithia e in Gretia anchor suo nome vola.

Hyppolita endured such efforts, that she is the only
Of the amazons who is crowned by merit:
And her name still flies in Scythia and in Greece.
4 Suits 01
Timore 01

TIMOR un'alma tien tanto dubiosa
Ch'ella ha poca ragion di viver lieta,
Qual mai non gode e sempre paurosa.

FEAR keeps a soul is such doubts
That it has little reason to live happily,
Because it never enjoys and is always afraid.
Gelosia 01

GELOSIA un vero amor non po smarrire,
Ch s'uno amante va cum pura fede,
Amor il premia al fin del suo servire.

JEALOUSY cannot spoil a true love,
Because if a lover goes with pure faithfulness,
Love rewards him at the end of his service.
Speranza 01

SPERANZA unita tien co `l corpo un'alma
Talor, che senza lei non staria in vita,
Poi spesso giunge a victoriosa palma.

HOPE sometimes keeps a body joint with
A soul, that would not live without it,
And in the end it always reaches the palm of victory.
Amore 01

AMORE, un che cum te cerchi bon stato,
Sollicito, animoso e prompto sia,
Che, nel fin, a chi dura el pregio dato.

LOVE, if someone wants to be in good relations with you,
He has to be ready, courageous and prompt,
For, in the end, who holds on wins the prize.