Boiardo Tarocchi Poem

Analyzes of Group - (11/12) Egeus - Sophonisba (Doubt - Faith)

Trump Pair 06
male / negative

Dubbio a se stesso Egeo fece crudele,
Che a morir se gitto nel mare in fretta,
Visto Theseo tornar con negre vele.

Egeus made for himself a cruel doubt,
So that he was quick to seek death in the sea,
As soon as he saw Theseus come back with black sails.
female / positive

Fede hebbe Sophonisba non suspetta
A Massinissa, che 'l venen promisse
Se a seguire el triompho era constretta.

Sophonisba was faithful to Massinissa
Beyond doubt, because she promised to drink poison
If she were forced to follow the triumph.
4 Suits 06
Timore 06

TIMOR fa sempre che un non si difende,
Ma supplice ai contrasti se dimostra
E senz'arme adoprar vinto se rende.

FEAR makes so that someone never defends himself,
And in case of conflict chooses to implore
And surrenders without using his weapons.
Gelosia 06

GELOSIA sempre non debbe volere
Il concorrente per nimico; anzi esso,
Se vincer vol, diť pazienza avere.

JEALOUSY must not always take the rival
As an enemy; on the contrary, if he
Wants to win, he must be patient.
Speranza 06

SPERANZA, sei pure amica a natura!
Tu tieni i toi seguaci in tanta pace,
Che alcun patir non li par cosa dura.

HOPE gives by itself to the soul
That which the soul desires, and it seems
It already has it, and it finds no resitance.
Amore 06

AMOR, se qualche volta ha un cor ferito,
E lo resani cum quel proprio strale,
Oh quanto Ť nel suo regno favorito!

LOVE, if sometimes you wound an heart,
And heal it with that same arrow,
How much it is favoured in your kingdom!