Boiardo Tarocchi Poem

Analyzes of Group - (13/14) Nessus - Hypermestra (Deception - Wisdom)

Trump Pair 07
male / negative

Inganno Nesso che a Dianira disse:
Dà questa veste ad Hercole col sangue,
Se advien che d'amor mai teco habbia risse.

Nesso deceived when he said to Dianira:
Give this cloth with blood to Hercules,
If it ever happens that you have to fight for love.
female / positive

Sapientia fu, come in un callido angue,
In Hipermestra, che in feminei panni
Salvo il marito dal timore exangue.

In Hipermestra, as in a cunning snake,
There was wisdom because wearing the clothes of a woman
She saved her husband who was bloodless with fear.
4 Suits 07
Timore 07

TIMOR se tu ti accosti a armati in giostra
La lor virtu sarà sotto te morta;
Dove tu sei, sempre la fronte il mostra.

FEAR: if you reach the armed men in a joust,
Their courage will be dead under your influence;
Whenever you are present, you can see it on their faces.
Gelosia 07

GELOSIA se te gionge a veder presso
A la cosa che tu ami el tuo rivale,
Stimi che `l parli sempre a tuo interesso.

If JEALOUSY takes to see the thing that you love
Next to your rival, you think
That he is always talking in your interest.
Speranza 07

SPERANZA, se tu se' ancor contumace
A chi possede il suo, dubio li poni
Tal che dir l' è mio, non serà audace.

HOPE, if you are not there
When someone has his own, you put such doubts
That he will not dare to say it is mine.
Amore 07

AMOR, septe anni andar, come animale,
Fece quel savio re : ché la sua lege
El principe al suo servo adduce equale.

LOVE made that wise king go
As an animal for seven years: because its law
Makes the prince equal to his own servant.